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LOMAS SANTA FE CORRIDOR IMPROVEMENTS: The recent controversy surrounding roundabouts is a good example of how much community input matters.  The City Council listened and eliminated the roundabouts from consideration.  I support exploring other options to calm traffic and beautify the Lomas Santa Fe Corridor.

It is important that our City Council retains the discretion to evaluate projects to balance the interests of the developer with the property rights of the neighborhood that is impacted by the development. 

Our tremendous quality of life and high property values are due, in large part, to retaining our small town beach character.  There are several upcoming commercial development projects that must be reviewed carefully to ensure our community character is not compromised. 

  • The proposed Del Mar Resort, looms 46’ high and includes 251 rooms, 76 villas, 15 apartments, 4 restaurants, a conference center and a 700-space underground parking garage.  It is over a half-million square feet in size and will have huge impacts on traffic, parking, views and community character in Solana Beach.  I am adamantly opposed to rezoning this property for the Resort as currently proposed.
  • The planned Assisted Living project on Marine View Avenue must be evaluated for negative impacts such as traffic, noise and emergency vehicle access.
  • The future Train Station project must fit the neighborhood and not create overflow parking problems or unmitigated traffic.
  • The Solana Highlands project must be conditioned to ensure parking is free for residents and garages are used for parking, not storage.

I will work to bring quality businesses to our community. In order for businesses to succeed, it is important that there is adequate parking, traffic access and an attractive corridor to ensure a steady influx of customers.  
I support improvements to the business corridor that make it more attractive and increases accessibility for visitors.

SOLANA ENERGY ALLIANCE: Providing an alternative to SDG&E increases competition in the marketplace.  This competition benefits all of us by incentivizing competitors to provide cheaper rates. The per kilowatt hour cost under the SEA program is and will remain 1-3% lower than SDG&E's, thanks to SEA.  In addition, it brings us one step closer to complying with the newly signed California law SB100 that requires 100% renewable energy sources by 2045.  I support the Solana Energy Alliance (SEA) that created a competitive environment and eliminated SDG&E’s monopoly on providing electricity.  Now that it has been implemented, the most important issue is managing SEA successfully.

 The City must practice fiscal responsibility and conservative budget management to ensure public safety, maintain our roads and provide important services.  The current budget is in good standing with strong reserves.  The Council must maximize revenue and prioritize spending carefully, invest in our infrastructure, improve roads and sidewalks and put all revenue, including the net revenue from SEA, to the best use for Solana Beach. 

Kelly Harless for Solana Beach City Council 2018
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